BlogSchool Awards and Rewards are an Effective way to Motivate Pupils to Learn

School Awards and Rewards are an Effective way to Motivate Pupils to Learn

School Awards and Rewards are an Effective way to Motivate Pupils to Learn

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Education psychologists have proven that rewards and awards in terms of motivation (theory, research and application), lead to successful learning outcomes and achievements, for school aged pupils.

Teachers at every education key stage are fully cognisant of this effective strategy.

We all need positive reinforcement and rewards. Whether or not we are consciously aware of it, reinforcement is the reason we continue to do many things. Even as adults, we look for positive reinforcement to extend our motivation to do things. School children are even more susceptible and complicit with such an approach. This will usually further enhance personally empowering academic or sporting success.

What school trophies and awards and rewards can a teacher offer?

Dr. Nellie Deutsch, who has a doctorate in educational leadership with a specialisation in curriculum, technology, and instruction, says:

“The rewards may come in the form of a grade (number, letter), words, badges, stickers, certificates, medals, trophies, money, or prizes. The rewards may be determined by peer, self, or teacher-based assessments. Rewards are a way to motivate students to learn.”

(Dr. Nellie Deutsch. 2013)

The Evolving use of Badges in Education — Emerging Education Technologies

Rewards as a Way to Motivate Students to Learn Today’s schools commonly use grade-based evaluations where students get rewarded for the knowledge they gain. Students are evaluated and rewarded with grades and sometimes other types of rewards, for tasks su

Here are some ideas:

There are awards for recognising and rewarding academic success. These can range from attendance school medals and behaviour school medals, to academic subjects like maths, science, or history school medals. CSK Trophies and Medals can satisfy all your school’s requirements.

At CSK Trophies and Medals, our range of school classroom performance trophies and medals are available for rewarding behaviour, attendance, subject performance, sport and citizenship, merit and achievement in classroom success. These are high quality medals cast in coloured gold, silver, bronze, which can be premium or budget, tailored to your precise requirements.

Check out CSK’s selection of Sports Day school trophies and school medals, ideal for all types of sports events and competitions. Our Sports Day school trophy and medal range includes 1st, 2nd and 3rd numbered trophies.

School proms, end of year trophies and awards ceremonies, media studies events, music, drama or dance performances and concerts, school trips and dozens of other educational and academic events, are the perfect time to give your students novelty achievement trophies or school awards.

CSK have quality Oscar trophies ideal for your School Prom, at an ideal price, to satisfy every budget. Be imaginative with your award nominations, Prom King & Queen, Best (or most improved) Athlete, Best (or most improved) Academic, or even more fun titles!

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We have trophies, awards and medals that will promote your School’s effective learning

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