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Last weekend saw finest steeplechasers contest The Cheltenham Gold Cup with Bobs Worth triumphing. The Trophy contains 10oz of gold mounted on a marble base and a brand new one is minted every year.

In Rugby, Harlequins overcame Sale in the LV Cup, a trophy commission by the sponsors Liverpool and Victoria (LV). The contest is between English and Welsh clubs, however the main event was the six nations where Wales overpowered England to win the Trophy and prevent an England Grand Slam in the process. So the club bragging rights for England was trumped by the national bragging rights for Wales.

The Trophy is made of 200 ounces of sterling silver. The inside  was originally silver, but it became so tarnished from repeated fillings with champagne that it has been lined with 22 carat gold to protect it.There are fifteen sides to the Trophy, representing each player, and three handles representing each official ie the referee and two assistants. Around the wooden base of the Trophy is the emblem of each of the six national unions.The handle, or finial, on the lid is interchangeable and represents the current champions. The finials of the six challenging teams are kept in a hidden drawer in the plinth throughout the Championship.

The capacity of the Trophy is exactly five bottles of champagne, one for each of the original Five Nations, and the trophy has a lip at the rim, designed so that it is easy to drink from.

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