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Boss Check List

When planning a corporate event the first thing you need to ask yourself is “How much work do I want to do?” if your answer is none then it’s a good idea to pay an event planner. If you are a smaller business then arranging it yourself is the more affordable option. This is a short check list of the fundamentals that you need to consider to get the ball rolling.

"First of all you need to decide what’s the purpose of the event is and what is the message you want to give to your staff?"

Location – Where are you going to hold your event quickly becomes the next question. You need to consider many factors such as: 
•    Where would be fun?
•    Can they accommodate all my staff?
•    How are the staff members going to get there? 
•    How are the staff members going to get home?
•    Hotel arrangements? 
•    Food menu /Bar

Entertainment – Live bands can take a lot of time to find and are hard to match everyone’s taste, a DJ is always an easier choice. When looking for a DJ online check the reviews of the business and the size of the equipment they can provide to the venue, some additional costs may arise with larger amounts of equipment. 

Bar – Presumably you will want to buy them a drink, but will it be an open bar or will you be restricting the amount of paid drinks per person. From previous experience if you have a group of 20 mechanics you might not want to buy their drinks all night, you will quickly realise it’s going to be very expensive.

Food – If you’re eating on the night you need to find out what food the venue can provide and if they can provide a vegetarian menu if needed, don’t want an angry herbivore.

Trophy – When you’re awarding your staff for all their hard work it’s a nice touch to give them a small gift trophy to represent your gratitude. We  think glass trophies are more fitting for a formal event, they look better on stage and in photos.

Glass TrophyGlass Trophy



The rest is just about enjoying the day with your staff and coming across as a human.



The boss has arranged a work-do and you are already thinking about how many drinks you’re going to sink and praying you are not sitting next to the managers. Here is a couple of things you want to be thinking of before and during the event:

Hip Flask – This evening might be expensive, be prepared and bring a hip flask full of your favourite poison. Just don’t tell anyone about your hip flask or may have to share.
hip flask

Seat choice – If you work in the same office as the boss it’s an advantage to get a chair on the managers table, just keep your wits about you and don’t get drunk. If you don’t normally spend most your day in the same room as the managers it’s a good idea to sit as far away from them as you can. This is a social game and anyone sitting with the managers is vulnerable for mockery!

DONT GET DRUNK- Everyone that you work with for five days of the week are around, they can and will humiliate you.

Transport – First point of call try and get a lift from a work colleague that isn’t drinking. If no one lives near you then it’s a taxi ride to the venue.

Getting home – Pre book a taxi or be ready to wait with all of your work colleagues outside in the cold, it will probably be raining too… it always rains when dressed smart.
If you live far away from the venue book hotel a in advance, it might be cheaper than a taxi at double rates.
Don’t walk home, because slow drunk walking in a suit and shoes sipping on an empty hip flask with trophy in hand is not a good look.

CSK-Trophies offer a range of premium quality glass trophies and hip flasks to help you celebrate your event, see our product catalogue for more information.

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