CSK Quality Bespoke Awards Services


CSK supply various sporting trophies, plaques, medals, ribbons, shields and more, for customers across the UK, to present at local and national games, tournaments, competitions etc. in many materials, ensuring you find the combination you require.

We simply wish to provide you, with the quality Bespoke awards, ensuring free engraving on all trophy awards, to personal with your text. All deliveries are quick and securely packaged to avoid any damage.

If you however cannot find exactly what you're looking for, our popular requests include Dance Trophies, Boxing medals or ribbons and more, then why not enquire about our Bespoke awards service. We cater for any event you wish, so ensure your own unique design in wood or metal today.

Simply contact us to explain your requirements and find out more about our Bespoke awards. We'll be happy to answer any questions, and provide you with the best price possible.